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Pneumatic vacuum and discharge machine

powerful suction


head isolated

from the liquid

SOFRAPER’s WINDVAC technology is based on a Venturi powered by a compressed air supply to be connected to the system. By creating a vacuum in the tank, the vacuuming or transfer of charged fluid is enabled. A screw-in float on the 3/4˝ Gas opening enables the WINDVAC vacuum to be clipped on easily and a quick-fit enables the watertight fitting of the flexible vacuum pipe to be connected to the 2˝ gas opening. Suction is controlled by simply opening the air inlet valve.
The safety float stops the vacuuming when the upper level of the tank is reached. As an option, it is possible to channel harmful vapours for external discharge (contact us).
WINDVAC technology, in contrast to other Venturi systems available on the market is characterised by a very low sound level of 72 db(A) and a high flowrate.

The WINDVAC is designed to be used on:

  • on a standard petrol barrel with a maximum vacuum of 4000 mm/CE and a turbopressure limited to 4500 mm/CE.
  • on a TANK-VAC tank or reinforced SOFRAPER barrel with a pressure that may reach 7000 mm/CE.